To us, SYZYGYmoments signifies ALIGNMENT. The moments where the heart, the mind, and the soul are aligned and are one with purpose. These are the moments where one experiences pure joy – the joy of being one with the self in the moment. When one takes action with such an alignment of heart, mind and soul, that action is bound to be more impactful and joyous.

In the cover design, the four rhythmically wavering concentric, contrasting, and coalescing line forms coming together represent the human heart, mind and soul, and an urge to action.

For when we act upon something with this alignment, it leads to a purpose that creates a larger impact. The bold unicolour subjacent to these rhythmic lines represents the syzygy of these elements which creates that impact.

The authors have experienced these blissful joyous moments multiple times as they worked through the odds of being able to pull this group of 100+ thinkers, believers, leaders and friends into the common goal of bringing SYZYGYmoments to life.